Yemoja Oil - The Mother of All Waters & Mermaid Candle

Yemoja Oil - The Mother of All Waters & Mermaid Candle

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Yemoja is the great mother who lives and holds dominion over the seas. Water is essential to life, so without Yemoja, life on Earth would not exist. As the daughter of Olukun and mother of the sun, moon, stars and 14 Orisha, Yemoja is protective and nurturing. However, she can be fierce and punishing when outraged, but with proper reverence, she is fair and forgiving. 

Yemoja’s feast day is September 7. Her day of the week is Saturday day and her number is 7. Yemoja’s eleke colors are blue and white. 

Yemoja Oil can be used for new moon, full moon and water rituals. Or to feel close to her, you can wear. Although, Yemoja likes the scent of Verbena, I could not find an essential or absolute oil that I was comfortable with wearing. So I chose a very beautiful Blue Lotus absolute. It’s soft and flows well. The scent will have people asking what you’re wearing. 


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