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Spiritual Cleansings, Open Roads & Protection Work

Spiritual Cleansings, Open Roads & Protection Work

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I am an experienced, trained thorough rootworker, Palera (+S+C+B+V) and diviner.  Any spiritual work to be performed will be done AFTER a thorough divination.  Please schedule your appointment here through Acuity Scheduling or go directly to this home page and scroll down. 

My specialty work consist of spiritual cleansing which can be done with a combination of herbs in a bath, a cleansing in-person (depending upon where you live), open roads and protection. 

Included in these workings of (cleansing, open roads and protection) may be a talisman, bracelet, bottle, etc that will be fixed and mailed to you - depending upon what is stated in your reading.  


*I am very skeptical about Reconciliation work.  I will only perform Reconciliation work on a client's behalf if a) you have only been separated from your target 6 months or less b) you are still in communication with your target c) close proximity between you and your target d) the outcome of a divination.  For this type of working - please schedule a spiritual consultation or reading*

*The same can be said about Break-Up & Justified Cursing work.  I will only perform Break-Up & Justified Cursing work after a reading if I'm given permission from Spirit.*

*Reconciliation, Break-up, & Justified Cursing work are different prices.  You will receive an invoice via PayPal or Square for these types of workings.*