Soursop (Graviola Leaves)

Soursop (Graviola Leaves)

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As a practitioner of herbal medicine, Graviola leaf/Soursop fruit is one super food I highly recommend.  Soursop has a very sweet distinctive flavor and is grown commercially to make juice, candy and ice cream.  This prickly fruit is native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.  Most practitioners use the leaves and fruit to treat certain ailments such as stomach issues, fever, parasites, hypertension and rheumatism.  The fruit/leaves are also used as a sedative.  

Because of the surge in popularity, mostly due to claims that soursop/graviola leaves have anti-cancer benefits, experts warn against using this fruit and its leaves as a non-traditional cancer treatment.  While research suggests, soursop/ graviola leaves can fight cancer, this testing has not been done in humans.  As a result, the claims that soursop/graviola leaves cure cancer are unsubstantiated. 

Common Name: Brazilian paw paw, custard apple, guanabana

Botanical Name:  Annona Muricata

You can use 10-15 leaves, ripped apart and placed in a gallon of boiling water for 15 minutes.  Turn off your stove and allow the tea to steep for another 15 minutes.  Drain off the leaves and pour into a container for current and future use.  Add an organic honey such as Raw Manuka Honey - which has lots of health benefits as well.  

Package contains approximately 45 leaves.  

Those considering using soursop/graviola should seek the advice of their physician if they are taking high blood pressure medications, are taking medications for diabetes and pregnant and nursing mothers. 

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