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Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb

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Just like Pussy Power, Sex Bomb is in a class all by itself.  Sex Bomb is not exactly an oil for better intimate encounters.  It has been created to enchant, charm and captivate the opposite or same sex.  Think of the likes of Dorothy Dandridge and Marilyn Monroe.  This is the essence of what I've captured and created into an enticingly sensual oil for your perusal.  I’ve combined herbs, roots and flowers that are traditionally known to have an effect on the senses in a very magical way.

I do not use perfume or fragrant oils in my product. The scent is light mix of 3 essential oils and Sunflower carrier oil.

Sex Bomb can be worn on your person as the mixture is diluted. You can also drop a little in a bath (there is a little glitter), dress a love candle or use in an oil lamp for your desired effect.