Red Apple Candles (for Love work)

Red Apple Candles (for Love work)

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My candle maker is the bomb!  All of Ms. Rain’s candles are custom made using quality wax and wicks by a certified candle wax whisperer.  She is absolutely awesome!

In a few Hoodoo circles, apples are used for love workings.  Most often the apples are cooked in sugars and spices with the intention of enhancing or bringing in new love.  

What’s great about using a candle in the shape of an apple is - you’re not wasting fruit and you can “load” your apple candle with the same sugars and spices without the hassle of cooking.  

I highly suggest carving the name of your intended into the candle apple.  Poke a few holes and “load” with sugar, cinnamon, honey - basically anything liquid or powdery and sweet into your candle.  You can also write a petition on brown paper bag, dress with Love Me oil, fold the petition towards you, roll and place into a hole you’ve poked in your candle apple.  While performing a love working, I prefer to recite the Song of Songs from the Bible.  You can pick a passage suitable for your situation OR recite the entire Song of Songs for your intended.  Light your candle.  Next, prepare a bath using white sugar, dried or fresh rose petals and a drop or two of Love Me oil.  Focus solely on your intended.  This work and bath is best on a Friday.


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