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Ms. Rain's Cleansing Incense Mix (for your person, home & sacred space)

Ms. Rain's Cleansing Incense Mix (for your person, home & sacred space)

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I love using white ceremonial sage (along with other sacred herbs), however, white sage is not enough to cleanse a home or space of negative, lower vibrational energies.  When white ceremonial sage was used by the indigenous people's of this land - there were certain preparations, prayers, chants and dances that went along with their removal of negative energies before a ritual.  The use of white sage was followed up with a sweetgrass or cedar.  Since the majority of people do not know how to perform these types of ceremonies, the use of white sage will only keep a negative energy at bay for a short period of time or make it angry.  

As magical people or anyone who wants to rid their home or sacred space of lower vibrational energies, there are other sacred woods, herbs and resins that can be used and will work perfectly.  Frankincense is one, along with opoponax or sweet myrrh, pine, cedar, etc.

Ms. Rain's Cleansing Mix is a personal favorite and something I use daily around my altar and person.  You can use this mix to "smoke" an individual - along with a black hen feather.  For those who are unaware - "smoking" removes negative or stuck energies from an individual is one of the oldest forms of cleansing.  

Here is a list of a few resins and woods I use.  I choose only the finest quality ingredients for my incense mix.

Royal Hojary Frankincense Superior is considered to be the best kind of frankincense and exported from the Sultanate of Oman. It is most likely the frankincense of Biblical times.  In Oman, this particular incense is burned in mosques, temples and churches.  

Dragon's Blood 1st Choice used for cleansing/purifying and strengthening.  Dragon's Blood is also protective.  Imported from Indonesia

Palo Santo Wood Resin and a few more!