Ms. Rain’s Custom Mojo Hands & Amulets

Ms. Rain’s Custom Mojo Hands & Amulets

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In African-American folk magic, better known as Hoodoo, a mojo hand is a type of amulet in a piece of cloth or a flannel bag that contains consecrated magical items.  Or, at least that’s the way its supposed to be done.  You can’t just make a bag, stuff it and expect it to work.  Each item placed in the cloth or bag has a specific purpose.  The items are washed in an herbal bath, prayed over and consecrated the only way a Conjure Man or Woman would know how.  Consider a mojo hand a “prayer in a bag” or a “spell you can carry with you” - unless that spell is for ill purposes - then you bury it, leave at a place of business or hang somewhere and beat with a stick. 

Some mojo hands can be bracelets or some other type of amulet created for a specific purpose.  These are also NOT “ready made”.  They are created and consecrated according to spirit - which means, you need to be read first BEFORE it’s created for you.  (FYI  - your reading is including in pricing of your hand or amulet)...

Due to the nature of the “hands” created, I may ask you to collect certain dirts and/or personal items that you have worn for a designated amount of time to add to your “hand”.  This is highly effective as you are taking part in the creation of your magical item.  

Mojo hands are to be worn secretly.  Amulets can be worn in the open, however, be sure not to allow anyone to touch it.  If your hand or amulet is no longer needed, let your item know and then bury facing the Western direction.  

Ms. Rain’s Mojo hands take a bit of time to empower.  Some hands may take upwards of 21 days - depending upon what its needed for.  Please have patience as authentic conjure takes time.


I ADVISE THE PURCHASER OF MY PRODUCTS BE OVER THE AGE OF 18.  Please read the below disclaimer.  Products are sold as curios and are not to be ingested.

All readings are done with a potential outcome, since we live with "free will." You are given the potential outcome, warnings, and advice. What you do with it will determine where or how you ultimately end up. Root work takes time for results to show. For example, when "money work" is performed - please understand, the funds will not drop in your lap overnight. You have to assist in the manifestion of your desires. I will explain how to do this.

MS. RAIN'S CONJURE SHOP shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of products purchased from my store. Purchasing my products acknowledges your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.

MS. RAIN'S CONJURE SHOP does not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell with the use of my products as your own path is Divine. I DO NOT engage in any unjustified magic and my spiritual and ritual work is intended to help you manifest your heart's desires in a positive and loving way.