Gravel Root

Gravel Root

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Gravel root is a native of the North American continent, growing from southern Canada through Florida, mostly in wet, wooded areas. Native American culture has a long history using gravel root. It was said that if you tucked a leaf into your cheek, it would ensure that any words spoken to the opposite sex would be well received.

It is very often referred to as Joe Pye weed, or Sweet Joe Pye weed. As legend has it, Joe Pye was a Native American who used gravel root to help cure an outbreak of typhoid. Why the "sweet" part is sometimes attached seems to be a mystery to this day. It has often been considered a good luck charm among many American folks, many gamblers carry parts of the plant on them for good luck. It is also one of the integral ingredients in a mojo bag. (as per Mountain Rose Herbs)

Since Gravel Root is also considered a "good luck herb", you can carry this wonderful root with you in a mojo hand for luck on a job interview, while seeking a raise or promotion or while seeking approval for a loan.  I use this particular herb in my "Job" and "Boss" formula.  

Gravel Root can be ground down to a powder and used to dress candles and petition papers.  The root can also be added to an oil lamp that is dedicated to bringing in luck.  


Typical preparations:  GRAVEL ROOT is NOT for internal use. DO NOT apply to broken skin.

Common Name: gravel root  (other Joe-Pye Weed, Queen of the Meadow)

Botanical Name: Eupatorium purpureum L.

Plant Family:  Asteracaea

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