Golden Aura Quartz Pendant

Golden Aura Quartz Pendant

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These pendants have been treated with a new type of energy-enhancing coating. Similar to how Angel and Aura quartz is made, Golden Aura has been subjected to a special process using titanium and iron. Other minerals have been used as well, but not disclosed as the process of producing the beautiful aura is a secret. You can feel just how strong the energy is when wearing this pendant.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures are of the actual pendants. 

Gentle cleansing is required (no salt water - preferably rain water, snow, Light visualization or ceremonial white sage)

Enjoy this strong and powerful energy! 

If you're looking for other High Vibrational Stones that I do not have listed, please send me an inbox and I will order for you. Keep in mind, since these stones are rare and I only choose the highest quality available, acquiring said stone may take time.