Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

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Ms. Rain's Elderberry syrup is made exclusively with spring water, dried organic elderberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, fresh ginger slices and Manuka Honey kFactor 16.  What is kFactor 16 in the Manuka Honey?  Well, the number let's you know the honey is a very high grade.  It's GMO free, no antibiotics, unpasteurized, a natural source of methylgloxal (natural antibiotic), has a pollen count of 70% or higher, and has been tested to ensure the absence of 250+ chemical residues.  I truly believe in good quality with all my products.

Each ingredient used in my syrup has its own proven health benefits,  For instance, Ginger is loaded with many medicinal properties such as reducing muscle pain and soreness, anti-inflammatory effects, lowers blood sugar, treats indigestion, and fights infection.  

Cloves are high in antioxidants and kills off bacteria.  Cinnamon is also power packed with antioxidants and has an anti-diabetic effect.  The Manuka Honey boosts the digestive system, reduces inflammation and soothes sore throats.  Lastly, the elderberries support immune health.*

I consider these all wonderful additions to my syrup and the taste is great too!  The kids will like it because of the sweetness of the honey.


Although I do recommend if you intend to use this herb medicinally, you seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner, especially while pregnant and nursing.

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