Ms. Rain’s Domination Oil

Ms. Rain’s Domination Oil

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Ms. Rain’s Domination Oil has been created to exert complete control over your partner.  If your intention is to keep him/her home or to control/influence someone or a situation - then Ms. Rain’s Domination Oil is where it’s at!  

Also, when used in conjunction with my Mindbender oil the results are powerful!  However, be very careful using Mindbender with Domination, especially if you’re inexperienced with “head work” and root work in general.  Mindbender is a heavy influencer and when used improperly may cause your target severe migraines and confusion.  This is not what you want to do when Dominating unless your workings are for hexing.  

Moreover, if using a skull, the place of influence on the head is the frontal lobe. 

I do NOT use fragrance oils.  I use organic essential oils, imported absolutes and attars.  

For root work sessions given by experienced workers, you can purchase your session on this website.