Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw

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Plant Name: Harpagophytum spp.

Common Name: Stinging Nettle, Unicorn Plant

Devil’s Claw is the common name of a group of plants in the Pedaliaceae family native to South Africa.  

This group of plants is considered to be medicinal and is also used in magical practices as well. 

Health Benefits of Devil’s Claw:

Can be used for inflammation, muscle pain, diseases of the blood, diabetes, coughs and gout.  

The tuberous part of the plant is used in medicine.  It is best to purchase encapsulated.  Also, Devil’s Claw may interfere with anti-coagulant medications and cause stomach issues.

Magical Uses for Devil’s Claw:

Devil’s Claw is used in protection, attraction and cleansing work. I actually prefer to use Devil’s Claw for attraction mojo hands - to hold onto what you have attracted.  For protection work it’s best to make and consecrate an amulet (if you are skilled at this) and carry in a red cloth.  For cleansing work - grind into a powder and burn with other purification herbs.