Blood Root

Blood Root

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Blood Root has been used for many years by conjurers and root workers alike as it is believed to assist in all family matters and to ward off evil from the home.  

Medicinal uses and benefits of Blood Root are:  Can be used in washes, compresses and baths.  Can also be taken internally as a tea.  Good for sore throat treatment, lessen the effects of diarrhea and sore mouth, heals wounds, ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Common Name: red puccoon, red-root

Botanical Name:  Sanguinaria canadensis L. 

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INTERNAL USE!  POISONOUS!  A potential skin irritant.  Use precaution.  Although I do recommend if you intend to use this herb medicinally, you seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner, especially while pregnant and nursing.

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