Angelica Root, Whole

Angelica Root, Whole

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Angelica root is mostly used in healing blends. I use angelica root in my cleansing baths as well as my Archangel and Fiery Protection oils. Angelica root can also be used in a blessing or protective oil for pregnant/new mothers and infants.

Medicinal uses and benefits of Angelica are:  used in cold and flu treatments.  Also, steeped in a tea to treat amenhorrea and abdominal cramps

Common Name: Archangel, European Angelica, Chanda, Chirakabbeda

Botanical Name: Angelica Archangelica L.

Not for use in pregnancy.  Although I do recommend if you intend to use this herb medicinally, you seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner, especially while pregnant and nursing.

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