Angel Aura Anandalite Crystal Cluster

Angel Aura Anandalite Crystal Cluster

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Anandalite is a type of druzy quartz found in India.  Anandalite is one of the premier stones for awakening the kundalini, the serpent fire energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine.  

Anandalite awakens the kundalini energy in a way that is powerful and safe.  However, as a Crystal Therapist, I recommend caution with clients who have heart issues and/or have dizzy spells.  Although the energy comes in gentle, it may be too much for a person with certain health issues to handle.  

This beautiful stone is also infused and bonded with the energy of quartz, silver and platinum.  Creating an iridescently beautiful stone reminiscent of gossamer angel wings. 

The energy of Angel Aura Anandalite is very subtle.  The stone works with all chakras, including the etheric chakra (above and beyond) and the elements of storm and wind. 

Cluster stone.