About Us

Hello beloveds my name is Rain. I am a ReikiMaster, Holistic Practitioner (Conjure/Root Worker) and Intuitive Counselor.  I'm also certified in Crystal Therapy and currently studying Herbal Medicine.

For the past 10 years, I have worked with many individuals throughout the world by transmitting distance and in-person Reiki energy sessions. The feedback from my clients has been life changing. Their enthusiasm and my intuition has pushed me to move forward and seek out other types of healing modalities to better serve you.  

I also have a strong connection with Mother Earth and the Elements. Most notably with water as it is the soul essence of where love exists. And, because I am the essence of Love and Life, Rain was born.

Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic and loving element. The power of water can be felt by drinking from a natural spring, manifested in a rainstorm or swimming in the ocean or a lake. I've chosen to incorporate this beautiful element into my healing practice because of the cleansing, gentle and regenerative nature of water.

I strongly believe natural energy healing is the greatest gift to humankind. There are many benefits to energy healing such as stress reduction and relaxation. By unblocking the body's natural energy system - the chakras - our natural healing system is triggered into action, consequently, improving our overall health. With the combination of crystals, color and aromatherapy, the overall healing effect is powerful!

My love of roots, herbs and flowers began as a child. I was taught the art of Conjure from a few notable teachers.  As an adult, I learned some of the family secrets, however, most people know our grandmothers, aunts, etc. didn't share much of what they did with children.  Especially not in these modern times.  The majority of Ms. Rain's products are intuitively created.  By studying the properties of each herb, root and flower spiritually and medicinally, my creations pack serious power.   The products I am selling are made with love and created to assist you with empowerment. My specialties in this area are Cleansing/Protection/Uncrossing, Love, Commanding, Money & Success and Road Opening. I will have other traditional products for sale, as well, but if you're seeking to improve certain areas in your life - Rain's Conjure Shop is where it's at!! 

Dear friends, you will find many items in my store to assist you with your personal healing;  such as high vibrational crystals and stones of the highest quality, Chakra and meditation oils, conjure/rootwork products and curio items. If you do not find an item - I can customize something beautiful and just right for you.

Blessings and love, Rain