Ancestor's Journey Incense

Ancestor's Journey Incense

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Looking for something powerful to assist you in connecting with ancestors and benevolent spirit guides?  Ancestor's Journey incense made by Ambrozine LeGere Conjure is what you need!  I've used Ancestor's Journey while meditating in front of my ancestor altar and the connection is amazing.  It's heavy, so you don't need much and I highly advise using this incense with the precautions.  Do no drink alcohol, use marijuana or any other type of substance.  It has a sedative type effect and will surely put you to sleep.  Your dream state will be very active and filled with messages.  

Price is per 1 ML vial.

Burn on a charcoal brickette in an incense burner.

As with all hand made products, please allow 7-10 days for creation.