AA++Black Tourmaline Double Terminated Crystal Pendant

AA++Black Tourmaline Double Terminated Crystal Pendant

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Use to keep the auric field in balance while doing healing work.  For Crystal Therapists and Reiki Masters, combine with Shungite, and Healerite to protect you from unwanted energies.

Spiritually, black tourmaline is great for ridding a person of negative unwanted thoughts, anxieties, stress and can help grounding.  Black Tourmaline can also help purify the body of toxins.  

I highly advise practitioners to use black tourmaline when working with clients.

Also, to protect one’s home and/or space, grid the corner of each room with a clear crystal quartz, shungite and black tourmaline.  The clear crystal quartz will amplify the energy of the shungite and black tourmaline.  However, remember to clear both shungite and black tourmaline regularly as both are receptive stones and take in a lot of energy.