Agnitite Raw Stone

Agnitite Raw Stone

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Agnitite is found in Madagascar.  The stone was named for Agni, the Vedic deity of fire.  Agni was considered the supreme force of light, life force and immortality.

Agnitite stone is alleged to stimulate the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix.  Let me explain, the human body is complex, multi-faceted antenna comprised of a crystalline matrix, which is used to send and receive information.  The key to understanding how energy flows through our body is primarily through certain synchronicities and interactive crystal structures.  As a Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master its imperative to the health and healing of the client to be aware of how this system in the body operates.  For instance, the chakra system.  The human chakra system is comprised of 114 chakras.  But most people only know of the primary 7.  There are also other channels of energy that affect the way we heal.  Some of these energy channels are located outside of the body - the Aura.  

Agnitite enhances intuition and healing.  

Other Metaphysical properties of Agnitite: Purification, transformation. Works will all chakras and the element of fire.  

Stone is 8-12 grams