Agni Gold Danburite Raw Stone

Agni Gold Danburite Raw Stone

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Agni Gold Danburite was discovered in 2006 in a mine in Southern Africa.  This stone differs from the Danburite found in Mexico and Russia. The clarity of this stone is yellow, while the Danburite found in Mexico is a pale gray and the Russian Danburite has a champagne hue. 

Metaphysical properties of Agni Gold Danburite: On the physical plane, Agni Gold can help those who have digestive issues, especially people with a sluggish metabolism.

Spiritually, Agni Gold helps one to find clarity, truth and spiritual courage, as well as, helping one connect to the Great Central Sun.  Working with Agni also helps those seeking to hone in on their skills of clairvoyance allowing you to have a sharper vision. 

Chakras: 3rd (Solar Plexus), 7th (Crown), 8th (Soul Star)

Size is 4-7 grams