A++Angel Aura Lemurian Light

A++Angel Aura Lemurian Light

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Lemurian  Light is the name of a group of high quality crystal quartz from Colombia.  The bonding of gold, silver and platinum give this stone that beautiful angelic wing look.

Lemurian quartz crystals aid in meditation and visionary experiences.  The crystal works very well in releasing stress and opening the mind to receive guidance and messages while meditating.

In spiritual self-healing, Lemurian quartz can be used to support the brain and the central nervous system.

Other metaphysical qualities of Angel Aura Lemurian Quartz: Links to Lemuria, 3rd Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Mouth of God (found at the base of the skull). The elements this crystal works well with are wind and storm. 

4-5 grams