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Ascension - Vibrate Higher!

Ascension - Vibrate Higher!

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You can say this was a 2020 quarantine invention.  Especially due to the fact that Mother Earth is vibrating higher and humanity is being asked to do the same.  Those of us who have a clear understanding as to why humanity is “on pause”, have had time to sit, reflect and focus on our elevations.  However, Ascension was actually an oil that took months of planning and scouting for the various crystals chips used in the synergy blend.  I’m so excited to share with the public.  Ascension is will surely be Ms. Rain’s masterpiece!

The herbs, roots, flowers and crystals each coincide with various aspects of elevating.  For instance, chamomile helps attract abundance and relaxes your energy, therefore allowing the individual to become more receptive.  Rose petals are an ancient spiritual herb that opens your heart and Rosemary is associated with the third eye chakra and releases pressure surrounding your spiritual path.  These are just a few herbs and flowers that I’ve added to the Ascension oil.

The crystal chips are part of a 12 synergy blend that help attune the Light body, auric field and align chakras. 

Beautifully scented with rose Damascena, bergamot and earthy notes of musk and Vetiver. 

I do NOT use fragrance oils.  I use organic essential oils, imported absolutes and attars.  


I ADVISE THE PURCHASER OF MY PRODUCTS BE OVER THE AGE OF 18.  Please read the below disclaimer.  Products are sold as curios and are not to be ingested.

All readings are done with a potential outcome, since we live with "free will." You are given the potential outcome, warnings, and advice. What you do with it will determine where or how you ultimately end up. Root work takes time for results to show. For example, when "money work" is performed - please understand, the funds will not drop in your lap overnight. You have to assist in the manifestion of your desires. I will explain how to do this.

MS. RAIN'S CONJURE SHOP shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of products purchased from my store. Purchasing my products acknowledges your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.

MS. RAIN'S CONJURE SHOP does not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell with the use of my products as your own path is Divine. I DO NOT engage in any unjustified magic and my spiritual and ritual work is intended to help you manifest your heart's desires in a positive and loving way.