Man Figure Candle

Man Figure Candle

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Beautifully hand-crafted candles. These candles have been specially for your candle magic and spell work.  Figure candles can be used to represent your target or yourself.

Black - banishing, removing negativity, protection, breaking jinxes and exorcisms, Saturn, Saturday

White - peace, tranquility, spirit, Moon/lunar energy, Monday, health, divination, truth, angels and new beginnings

Yellow - knowledge, meditation, changes, road openings, happiness, confidence, removing negativity, the Sun, Sunday, new beginnings

Orange - removing blockages, road openings, fast action, fire, the Sun, Mercury, Wednesday, communication

Green - money, luck, harvest, better business, Jupiter, Thursday

Red - passion, love, fast luck, Hotfoot, sex magic, Venus, Friday

Pink - romance, reconciliation, Cleo May spell, Venus, Friday

Blue - healing, peace, truth, wisdom, peace, ocean

Purple - Spirit, divination, power, material wealth & happiness, wisdom, strength, courage, success 

Gold - the Sun, wealth, success, power, abundance, fortune, self-confidence

Silver - the Moon, Goddesses, psychic abilities, divination, fortune-telling, feminine power, balance emotions

Black/Red - love uncrossing, reversal

Black/Green - money uncrossing, reversal

Black/White - health uncrossing, reversal

Orange/Green - open roads, blockbuster

Red/Pink - love, passion and romance