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Spiritual Lamp Burning
Spiritual Lamp Burning
Spiritual Lamp Burning

Spiritual Lamp Burning

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The traditional method of setting lights, root workers used oil or kerosene lamps.  Oils lamps are a lot easier to work with then candles for most workers.  You can fill the lamp with all kinds of roots, herbs, curios, oils and even money and petition papers.  I like to use personal concerns as well, such as hair from the nape of the neck and in love working lamps - sexual fluids from both parties can be added to the petition paper, sigil, Seal or rubbed on roots.  

A typical burn takes 9 days.  .  

You will receive a picture of the initial lighting and a typed update on the finished work.  Please understand you are purchasing without having a reading first.  If there are any issues prior to your purchase - I will not know - until I light your lamp. 

*I am very skeptical about Reconciliation work.  I will only perform Reconciliation work on a client's behalf if a) you have only been separated from your target 6 months or less b) you are still in communication with your target c) close proximity between you and your target.  For this type of working - please schedule a spiritual consultation or reading*

*The same can be said about Break-Up & Justified Cursing work.  I will only perform Break-Up & Justified Cursing work after a reading if I'm given permission from Spirit.*

*Reconciliation, Break-up, & Justified Cursing work are different prices.  You will receive an invoice via PayPal or Square for these types of workings.*

Also, my altar is very busy.  There may be a delay in your candle burn.  Please do not email.  I have received your order and will update you with a picture once I begin.  Another email will be sent with the results once the burn is complete.