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COMMUNITY Lamp - Holiday Food Pantry Donations

COMMUNITY Lamp - Holiday Food Pantry Donations

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These lamps are filled with roots, herbs, curios, oils, money and a Seal of Good Fortune, Breastplate of Moses, Seal of Rab Caleb, and the Seal of Love.  Each Seal has been consecrated and the energies petitioned and invoked to assist what you desire. Your personal  petition papers will also be included, but you must have your petition to me upon purchase. Currently the lamps that are being "worked" are for Love, Money, and Open Roads.   You can feel free to contribute and petition all 3.

The lamps for the months of November and December’s proceeds will go to a food pantry.  Currently, I am working with Community Health Action of Staten Island and Project Hospitality.  The monies will used to purchase food and personal sanitary items for the homeless and food insecure families.  The amount collected will be announced via my Instagram/Facebook and this website.  You will be able to see a receipt for items purchased as well as items delivered.  

The lamp will be refilled throughout the month  

Please email your petition to

Thank you for your donations. May the Heavens rain blessings down upon you and help you through these difficult times.