To do a love spell or not?

Today is Friday - Venus' Day - the day of the Love Goddess and Lovers in general. I've had several women email this morning about doing a love spell on their mate.  And, as I sat here thinking of what to tell them - watching the rain fall and thinking how much I savor making love when its precipitating outdoors.  I decided to tell these women to send their mate vagina pics... Shaved of course and wet would be nice. They replied back "What?"" and I replied "Yes, a shaved, wet vagina and wait for his response"... Men are very visual creatures.  They make love in their heads, they're turned on by confidence and sometimes they prefer WE take the upper hand and initiate intimacy.  

Being in a relationship for a long period of time can make the sexual encounter boring.  It's become routine and let's face it - time isn't always kind when it comes to our bodies.  But this does not mean our mate isn't interested.  Absolutely not.  However, changes need to be made in the bedroom - immediately.  So what do I suggest before working a love spell?  A little make-up, a matching bra & panty set, manicure & pedicure, shave your cookie!!!!, send the kids away for the evening or reserve a hotel room, a bottle of wine or spirits, cook his favorite meal, candles, undress him, kiss him and tell him how much you need him, a hot shower or bath and well, you know what else.

Sometimes all we need to do is switch it up and trade places ...  Trust me, he will enjoy it and look for more!

Enjoy your Friday!