As I sit this Saturday afternoon thinking about the use of symbols and sigils and why they’re important in representing certain actions, places and/or ideas, I’ve decided to share a few of my thoughts with you.

Many people in the magical/spiritual community use symbols and sigils for protection, health, love and to draw money and prosperity.  While others use symbols and sigils to invoke very powerful entities from other realms - mostly the lower realms.  

For those of us who are practitioners, whether new or seasoned, our intentions are vitally important for any magical purpose.  The use of symbols and sigils, especially when created by you, are uniquely coded with our desire and purpose so that our intent remains secret and in absolution alignment with earthly and cosmic energies.  Even if you have not created these symbols on your own your intent is enough petition to draw what you need as well as protect.

What you choose is solely up to you.  Some like to use the Hawk as a symbol of intuition and higher knowledge.  Others, the bear symbolic of protection.  One of my personal favorites is the viper and I don’t need to explain why lol...